Mykolas Romeris University offers accommodation for international students on campus – at student residence hall “Student house”- the twelve floor modern building. It takes 5 minutes on foot to come to the main University building.  Get impression in pictures.

Due to the increasing number of students, only places in shared rooms are offered. Rooms are shared by two or three students. Monthly rent of a place in a room in the “Student house” is from 85 to 100 euros. Rental fee is subject to change. International exchange students are required to pay for the accommodation in advance for the entire semester at their arrival or during the introductory week (t.i. for all 5 months of the semester).

Deposit fee of 100 euros is required, it is returned upon a written request when moving out from the dormitory. Please find the request sample here.

Student is fully responsible for any damage done while living in the "Student House".

All the rooms have access to Internet. The “Student house” is also equipped with a computer lab and copy/printing facilities. Bathroom facilities are mostly shared by two rooms. There is one common use kitchen, meeting room, working room in each floor. Students are obliged to clean up and keep the order in the kitchen and rooms by themselves. Laundry room is also available for international students without extra charge.

All students, willing to get accommodation at the "Student house" are subject to The Rules for the Use of Students' Residence and Dormitories at Mykolas Romeris University

For exchange or free-mover students, the reservation of a place at the “Student house” is made through the International Office. The Request of Accommodation may be found as part of On-line Application Form.

International degree-seeking students, apply for a place at the "Student house" by filling a relevant part of the Degree student application form.

At the arrival, international students who were allocated a place at the "Student house" must sign a Fixed-Term Agreement on Accommodation in the Students' Residence

Part of students live outside campus in the rented private apartments although it is at least two or three times more expensive than staying in the residence hall of Mykolas Romeris University. If the international student prefers to rent an apartment, the International Office may suggest to student some reliable real estate companies or private people who rent apartments for students.

Close to Mykolas Romeris University main campus (in 0,5 km at Ateities str. 9) ) there is a Baltupiai guest house "Baltupių svečių namai" which is offering dormitory type accommodation in shared rooms by 2-3 persons. Room costs around 200-250 EUR. 

Close to Mykolas Romeris University main campus (in 2 km at Jeruzales str. 21) ) there is a Hotel Simple which is also offering dormitory type accommodation in double and triple rooms.

If you want to live closer to the city center you can choose to stay in Corner Hotel (in 9 km at. T. Ševčenkos str. 16) which offers dormitory type accommodation in single and double rooms.

Also you could choose to live in Studio Hotel which is located in different counties in Vilnius city.

Flats for rent in Lithuania search engines (f.e):

Rental services for incoming exchange students are available from (f.e.): (services include pick-up service upon arrival+ assistance during entire renting period).

You may also check Eurasmus platform (accommodation portal) which exchange students can find and book accommodation across all the major cities in Europe. It also provides key information about the city in which you will study. The interactive accommodation portal allows you to book a student room using a secure payment system with landlord verification, customer reviews and guaranteed refunds.