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New LEGALTECH LLM program is almost ready to launch. If You want to be the first who will get information, please press on the photo and enter your email to the form.

The latest news:
2019-07 MRU alumni of Law Faculty has won prestigious MSCA ITN (Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions European Joint Doctorates) fellowship for the PHD program LAST-JD-RIoE (Law, Science and Technology, Rights of Internet of Everything).

2019-06 the experts from accreditation body visited university and investigated the program. We expect to receive accreditation in mid of September, and to start the program in Spring semester, 2020 Feb.

2019-05 one of the greatest global leaders of Legaltech - Prof. Dan Liutikas agreed to join Advisory board of the program.

Dan Liutikas is the Chief Strategist at LegalXO LLC, a firm that helps start-up and established organizations operating in the fast-paced legal ecosystem innovate and deliver results through effective strategy and foresight practices. Dan is also a professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law and continues to practice law with select groups of clients. Dan has been an innovator and leader in law practice development and legal technology for over 20 years. A few of Dan’s accomplishments and roles have included:

· Chief Executive Officer of the International Legal Technology Association

· Developing a successful legal services delivery vehicle to serve members of a global IT trade association

· Serving as in-house Chief Legal Officer of a global organization and winning the Inside Counsel IC10 award for innovation

· Developing judiciary information systems as a key member of the Project Poland team, an initiative of Chicago-Kent College of Law

· Advising, incubating and investing in legal technology start-ups

Dan is a regular speaker and author on the evolution of the practice of law, innovation in legal services delivery and leveraging strategy and foresight to gain market advantage.

2019-04 one of the best semantic web expert Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel is planing to take course Law and Semantic Web in the program.

Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel (1978) is Assistant Professor in the Artificial Intelligence department at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). He is conducting research within the Ontology Engineering Group in different areas of Semantic Web, Language Technologies and Law, acting as the Scientific Manager of the European Lynx project ('Legal Knowledge Graph for Multilingual Compliance Services'). Víctor is editor of several ISO/IEC international standards (most notably ISO/IEC21000-19) and editor of an W3C Recommendation for representing policies (ODRL). He is also inventor in a patent and author of three books and ten journal papers, as well as partner at the technological startup Mirubee.


About MRU:

Mykolas Romeris University (hereafter – MRU) is a leading Lithuanian public university in legal-tech domain. In 2015 it established 17 LABs for fostering innovations. Mykolas Romeris Law School is the largest in Lithuania and also it is the largest faculty at the University (over 2000 students, approx. 600 graduates annually) . It runs 3 bachelor programs and 14 master programs (6 in English) .
In 2002 MRU has started Informatics Law master program. In 2012 MRU become part of LAST-JD consortium of 6 universities, which has won Erasmus+ and Marie - Curie funding in 2018 for International doctoral degree program on Law, Science and Computer Science, the only of such type in Europe. PHDs have already been successfully defended in the fields of eDiscovery, ODR, legal ontologies, AI&LAW, crowd-sourcing, DRM, compliance patterns, automatic SLA violation detection and etc.

About LegalTech Centre:
LegalTech Centre was established in the May of 2018 as internal structure of the Law School. LegalTech Centre is building up local legal-tech community and competences of students in the fields of artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies in legal-tech, reg-tech and fin-tech areas. It is going to support Startups ecosystem within MRU LABs. In addition, MRU has a bachelor program on Informatics and Digital Contents (joint study programme with Dongseo University, South Korea) that could be relevant for legal-tech, gamification and etc .
In September we launch legal-tech meetup series. For more information please follow us on Facebook, or send us email.
We are contact point of legal-tech community and we manage legaltech professionals network. Please contact us for further information.

Dr. Martynas Mockus
Head of LegalTech centre
Law School of Mykolas Romeris university
Joint International Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree in Law, Science and Technology

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