Methodological guidelines for preparation and defence of the final thesis

The Institute requires to upload the Final Thesis (pdf file) in My Studies system until 16 December 2019.
One printed copy of Master Thesis must be submitted to the Institute one day before defense.
The defense will be held on 9 January 2020.


The graduation requirements for Mykolas Romeris University students include the submission of their Master‘s Thesis to the Lithuanian Academic e-Library (eLABa).

 Master Theses which were assessed "very good" (grade - 9) or "excellent" (grade – 10) must be uploaded to the eLABa Repository.

Please be informed that from  28 May, 2019 the rules have changed and the students do not upload Master Thesis to the Lithuanian Academic e-Library (eLABa) themselves.

Master Thesis which were assessed "very good" (grade - 9) or "excellent" (grade – 10) will be uploaded to the eLABa Repository by the employees of the Library.

The student must sign only Master Thesis Licence Agreement in the MRU Information System for Students (My Studies system):

Please enter the column “Master‘s Degree Thesis” on My Studies system, choose Access status * (3 options), download the terms of the licence agreement and confirm that you have read the contract and agree to the terms.

In case of any questions concerning the procedure, please contact Albertas Olechnovičius,

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