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Nuo 2020 metų liepos 2 dienos įsigaliojo nauja Mykolo Romerio universiteto akademinių padalinių struktūra. Šiuo metu vyksta informacijos atnaujinimas.

Institute of Humanities

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  • clarin-mru

    MRU joins CLARIN-LT (Common Language Resouce and Technology Infrastrcuture LT) consortium

    In April 2020, after renewing the activity agreement of the national consortium of language resources and technologies CLARIN-LT, Mykolas Romeris University joined the founders of CLARIN-LT (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas University of Technology, and Vilnius University) and another new member of the consortium (Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology). The activities of the consortium will continue to be coordinated by Vytautas Magnus University.

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  • cost-mru

    Researchers of the Institute of Humanities in the international cooperation network of COST Action “NexusLinguarum”

    In 2019 researchers of the Institute of Humanities of Mykolas Romeris University joined the COST Action: "European network for Web-centred linguistic data science (NexusLinguarum, CA18209)”, which aims to promote synergies across Europe between linguists, computer scientists, terminologists, and other stakeholders in industry and society, in order to investigate and extend the area of linguistic data science.

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  • elexis-mru

    Institute of Humanities has joined the international project ELEXIS (European Lexicographic Infrastructure: Opening up dictionaries and lexicographic resources)

    One of the major objectives of ELEXIS is to introduce common standards, develop conversion tools and, most importantly, will interconnect the existing resources so that they can be used to develop new modern data which can be used in ways that new digital technologies need.

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  • marija-kavtaradze-mru

    Lectio Ultima lectured Marija Kavtaradze

    On January 28 Institute of Humanities Mykolas Romeris University hosted Lectio Ultima – Final Lecture.

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  • ekatstovai-auditorija-mru

    On December 9, 2019, Institute of Humanities was delighted to host Head of European Commission Representation in Lithuania Arnoldas Pranckevičius and adviser Justas Klimavičius

    The students of “UK and USA Country Studies” and English for Public Policy were presented with a wealth of information and insights into the rapidly developing dynamics of relations between EU and UK and EU with the USA.

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2020-2021 S.Y. CALENDAR

2020-2021 s.y. Academic Calendar
2020-2021 s.y. Distribution of the Weeks of Autumn Semester


Bachelor full-time studies 2020/2021 academic year, autumn and spring semester


English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign language

I course 2020-2021 autumn semester
II course 2020-2021 autumn semester
III course 2020-2021 autumn semester
IV course 2020-2021 autumn semester

English for Specific Purposes and Korean Studies

I kurso 2020-2021 s.m. rudens semestras
II course 2020-2021 autumn semester


2020-2021 autumn semester/Exchange students can choose courses from all study programmes
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