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  • 2018 Spring Closing Ceremony in Dongseo University

    2018 Spring semester closing ceremony for foreign students in Donsgeo University was held on 22 June, 2018. 270 international double degree students attended the ceremony. Including seven students from Mykolas Romeris University Informatics and Digital Contents program.

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  • Diploma Award Ceremony

    Diploma Award Ceremony for the Master and Bachelor graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Business:
    Date: 28 June, 2018 (Thursday)
    Time: 11 AM (the gowns are given in III-140 auditorium, available from 10 AM, to-be-returned until 13 PM)
    Place: I-201 auditorium, Mykolas Romeris University, Ateities str. 20

  • Call for papers to New Economic Talent 2018

    The Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute (CERGE-EI), Prague, invites university students and recent graduates to submit papers (in English) to the New Economic Talent competition. Topics: Macroeconomics, microeconomics, applied economics, or finance. Prize: 1,000 USD. Deadline for submissions: 28 February, 2018.

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  • 2017 Global Game Startup Competition

    On 24 October, 2017, students from Donsgeo University (South Korea) and Mykolas Romeris University, and pupils from Lithuanian schools shall participate in the competition of game creation „2017 Global Game Startup Competition in Partnership with GameOn, Lithuanian Game Developers Association, Mykolas Romeris University and Dongseo University".

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  • Faculty Graduates Awarded Diplomas

    On 20 June, diplomas were awarded to the graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Dean of the Faculty prof. dr. Gintaras Černius and Rector of the University doc. dr. Algirdas Monkevičius handed in 71 diplomas to Bachelor degree graduates and 63 diplomas to Master degree graduates.

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  • Open lecture „Professionalism through Fusion Leadership“

    Mykolas Romeris University is pleased to announce that Professor Ray Smith, PhD, a member of the Fulbright Specialist program, is a guest of the university, and on 24th May, 19:00-21:00, at MRU LAB (Didlaukio str. 55, Vilnius) 102 Hall, he will present a lecture on professionalism and leadership for our social partners.

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  • Diploma Award Ceremony

    On 20 June, 11 a.m., room I-201, graduates of Bachelor and Master degree study programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Business shall be awarded diplomas. Gowns shall be given one hour prior to the ceremony in room III-140. Everyone is welcome to attend!


The Faculty of Economics and Business was established on June 10th, 2005. The idea to establish such a faculty was in the minds of University academics for several years. The idea was developed together with the country's leading business and finance area specialists.

Specialists with the highest qualifications, including economists, financiers, lawyers, and business managers work in the Faculty's Departments: Institute of Finance and Institute of Economics. They are able to apply theoretical knowledge, when resolving private and public sector practical tasks, and implementing the fundamentals of business skills.

The main goal of the Faculty of Economics and Finance Management is to help all those who are studying here to reach professional career goals and embark on a successful career. The Faculty's academics and staff actively strive to share their knowledge of finances and their fields of expertise with undergraduate and graduate students. This knowledge is necessary for those striving for careers as business leaders or as state civil servants.

For several years, the Faculty of Economics and Business has been working on development of up-to-date programs in the context of rapid changes in labour market. A major objective of the Faculty of Economics and Finance Management is to assist students in their career pursuits.

Faculty’s scientific and academic staff takes active part in international scientific work and international projects, publishes textbooks and studies, disseminates knowledge finance and entrepreneurship necessary for civil servants and business leaders.

With the ambition to develop student career orientation, the Faculty actively cooperates with its social partners in development of study programmes, namely Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Vilnius Confederation of Businesses and Employers, Public Procurement Office, Securities Commission, Association of Customs Agents and other institutions.  



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2018-2019 S.Y. CALENDAR

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Address: Ateities st. 20 LT–08303 Vilnius
Room: V-419
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4651
Fax: 271 4652
E-mail: evf@mruni.eu

Dean: Prof. dr. Gintaras Černius
Room: V-418
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4650
E-mail: cerniusg@mruni.eu
Office hours: on Wednesdays 11 till 12 pm

Vice-Dean: Prof. dr. Irmantas Rotomskis
Room: V-420
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4657
E-mail: irotom@mruni.eu
Office hours: on Thursdays from 1 till 3 PM

Vice-Dean: Prof. dr. Gintarė Giriūnienė
Room: V-415
E-mail: gintare.giriuniene@mruni.eu

Vice-Dean: Prof. dr. Irena Mačerinskienė
Room: V-431
E-mail: irena.macerinskiene@mruni.eu
Senior manager: Giedrė Kaušienė
Room: V-419
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4651
E-mail: evf@mruni.eu

Lithuanian and/or Russian-speaking full-time students should address to Ramunė Budrienė regarding their study matters:
phone: +370 5 2714552, room C-IV-311

Part-time students should address Giedrutė Redeckienė:
e-mail giedra@mruni.eu
phone +370 5 2714507; room C-IV-310