The Council of the Institute of Communication (hereinafter referred to as the CI) is the institution of academic self-governance in CI. CI activities are managed by the Council and the Director of CI (Dean).
Members of the CI Council are all CI employees who have been selected for five year term contract. The CI Council also holds with voting rights:
- Director (Dean);
- one representative of the CI administrative staff who was elected in the staff meeting;
- Delegated representatives of CI students (at least 10%).

President of the Council
- Gintarė Gulevičiūtė

Secretary of the Board - Jurgita Radžiūnienė (administration  representative)  

Members of the Council:  

  • Arneta Klasinskaitė (student representative) 
  • Prof. dr. Aelita Skaržauskienė
  • Assoc. prof. dr.Virginijus Valentinavičius
  • Assoc. prof. dr. Gintarė Žemaitaitienė.
  • For 5-year term, elects a chairman and secretary;
  • Proposes recommendations for the University academic staff making other academic employees basic duties and attestation commission for all concerned; 
  • Considers and recommends for approval of study plans;
  • Considers and approves the subjects and student training and internships;
  • Considers and recommends that the Professor and Associate Professor to the Senate;
  • Propose to the Rectors for department, laboratory and other subdivision establishment and dissolution;
  • Gather the tender commissions for relevant issues and problems discussion and resolve;
  • Hear and approve the annual activity report of the CI Director (Dean);
  • Considering new CI implemented, study programs on the market need and submit proposals to the Senate in various study programs;
  • Consider and submit proposals on the CI research publishing production plans;
  • Consider and decide other important issues CI.
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