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    Students' Exhibit Marks March 11th Independence Restoration Holiday

    March 5th, 2018, a group of MRU Communications and Creative Technologies Master's Degree students displayed an exhibit, "Look, Find Out, Understand" that marked Lithuania's upcoming Independence Restoration holiday (March 11th).

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    Institute of Communication welcomes visiting Erasmus+ lecturer

    March 12-16 we welcame Dušan Aleksić (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš, Serbia). Who taught on 13th and 14th of March under Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility. On 13th an interesting lecture was given by Živilė Diawara, strategist at Art factory "Loftas".

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    Communication and Creative industries bachelor students' art celebrates 100 aniversary of Lithuania

    To celebrate Lithuania's 100th Anniversary of Restoration of Independence on Feb. 16th, MRU Communication Institute students designed colourful posters, "Celebrate Lithuania". This innitiative was started by assoc. prof. dr. Ramutė Naujikienė. Enjoy works of Evelina, Golsum, Andzej, Akvilė aand others.

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    MRU IC Student Narkutė Lauds Benefits of Georgia Internship

    Oct. - Dec. 2017, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) International & Intercultural Communication 3rd yr. student spent teaching Lithuanian as an intern at the Georgian Technical University's (GTU) Centre of Lithuanian Language and Culture.

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    Wellcome to ERASMUS course by Institute of Communication

    Conflict Management – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gražina Čiuladienė

    Technology Innovation Management and Communication - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gintarė Žemaitaitienė

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Institute of Communication - Mykolas Romeris University Unit, which aims - to carry out programs of study and research directions, focusing on social phenomena transformations in the context of information technology. Institute of Communication implements 3 undergraduate and 2 master's degree programs with more than 400 students. 

 Our vision - a creative, productive and internationally recognized Mykolas Romeris University Unit, implementing high quality, competitive and interdisciplinary programs of study and research.

The main functions of the Institute of Communication :

  • Ensure functional and modern innovative learning environment for students in view of global trends in multidisciplinary fields of science;
  • Develop a competitive and marketable professionals in management and communications fields of study;
  • Develop productive working environment for employees and institute an attractive medium for social collaboration partners;
  • Develop partnerships with domestic and foreign research institutions to a high degree of quality and sustainable development of relations with foreign partners.

Programme Form
Communication and Digital Marketing (in Lithuanian)
full-time study
International and Intercultural Communication (in English)
full-time study
Social communication and mediation (in Lithuanian)
full-time study


Programme / Specialization  Form
Communication and Creative Technologies (in Lithuanian)
full-time study
Public Relations Management (in Lithuanian)
full-time study


ERASMUS timetable 2017-2018 autumn semester. Updated 2017 09 27
ERASMUS EXAMS timetable 2017-2018 autumn semester
 Address: Ateities g. 20 LT-08303 Vilnius
Room: IV-202 - IV-206
Ph.: (370 5) (8 5) 2 714 736
 Director:  assoc. prof. dr. Virginijus Valentinavičius
Room: IV-202
Ph.: (370 5) 2714623
 Deputy Director (vice-dean): assoc. prof. dr. Gintarė Žemaitaitienė
Room: IV-204
Ph.: (370 5) 2714736
 Coordinator of Academic Affairs: Dalia Akulavičienė
Room: (Vaiko priežiūros atostogose/ on maternity leave)
 Coordinator of Academic Affairs: Jurgita Radžiūnienė
Room: IV-206
Ph.: (370 5) 2 714 530
Email.: //
 Tvarkaraščius rengia: Renata Grigienė
Room: I-402
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4677

  Coordinators of Academic Affrais accept interesants:
Monday: 13:00 - 16:30
Tuesday: 9:00 - 16:00
Thursday: 9:00 - 16:00
Friday: 9:00 - 12:00