Students Visited Pravieniškės Correctional Facility - MRU

18 November, 2021
Students Visited Pravieniškės Correctional Facility
Public Security Academy

Recently Public Security Academy 3rd year students from the Law and Pre-trial Process studies programme visited the Pravieniškės Correctional Facility. They were accompanied by Vice-Dean for Studies Danguolė Seniutienė and State Border Safety Dept. Lecturer Vladimiras Andrejevas. 

Students were acquainted with the Correctional Facility and told about the facility's closed quarter status and daily life. Students also had a chance to meet with those spending time in the facility.

Big thanks to the Prison Department which allowed students to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The Pravieniškės Correctional Facility-Open Prison Colony is located in the Pravieniškės village, Kaišiadorys district, 7 km north from Rumšiškės, near the Vilnius - Kaunas railway. The Correctional Facility-Open Prison Colony was established in 2011, by merging three correctional facilities: Pravieniškės Correctional House No.1 (started working in 1973), Pravieniškės Correctional House-Open Prison Colony No.2 (established in 1944) and the Pravieniškės Correctional House No.3 (which has been operating since 1968).