15 December, 2020
Student Laurušas – Wins “MRU-Rosk Consulting” Chess Tournament

Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) student Tomas Laurušas with 38 points, was declared the winner of the internet "MRU-Rosk Consulting" Chess Tournament, which generated much interest.

The 2-week long tournament drew some 154 chess players from Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Russia. There were about 90 chess players participating on average in the 4 matches. In the first one there were 118 participants. 

There were many decorated and well-known chess players taking part including international masters - and winners of chess olympiads and European championships, alongside young chess players just beginning their careers in the sport.
First place went to MRU's Tomas Laurušas, an international chess master who collected 38 points. Juras Mickevičius with 35  points won 2nd place and international master Valery Kazakouski with 26 points came in 3rd.
Among women, first place went to Anastassia Sinitsina from Estonia. Estijos. The 2019 World Youth Lightning Chess Match 2nd place winner,  Gleb Pidlužnij from Klaipėda took 1st place among student/youth.