Preparing Law Enforcement for Digital Age: CEPOL Research & Science Conference in Vilnius Kicks Off Today - MRU

8 June, 2022
Preparing Law Enforcement for Digital Age: CEPOL Research & Science Conference in Vilnius Kicks Off Today

Press release CEPOL/MRU Vilnius (Lithuania), 8 June 2022

Preparing law enforcement for the digital age is the main theme of this year’s CEPOL Research and Science Conference, bringing together 200 participants from around 30 countries and 7 international organisations. The conference is organised by the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), jointly with Mykolas Romeris University, in Vilnius, Lithuania, within the scope of CEPOL's Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network presidency programme.

By bringing together ideas and perspectives of practitioners, trainers and educators in policing and other areas of law enforcement, with researchers and academic scholars from Europe and the international sphere, the conference is aiming to provide answers on how to upskill law enforcement officials so that they can stay ahead of crime and better respond to the challenges of new ground-breaking technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). Cross-border cooperation, exchanging knowledge and good practices, and the respect of fundamental rights, are key elements of success.

On the opening session of the conference, CEPOL Executive Director, Ms. Montserrat Marín Lopez, stated: “New technologies are evolving at an overwhelming pace. By offering specialised training opportunities at EU level for law enforcement officials, we can ensure that they are always prepared to respond to the new modus operandi of criminal networks. Working together and speaking a common language has always been key for the success of every operation. And to become drivers of change, we need to be open-minded, ready to embrace new perspectives, new working methods. I am certain that this conference will contribute to the sharing of knowledge and expertise that will help shape the future of law enforcement training, as we move ahead at full speed towards a new era of digitalisation.”

MRU Rector Prof. Dr. Inga Žalėnienė highlighted: “As guardians of public order, law enforcement agencies are at the epicentre of technological and demographic shifts that are shaking the foundations of their work. There are no doubts that preparing law enforcement sphere for the digital age is one of the most challenging and urgent issues we all are facing today. It is clear that our societies are becoming more digital than ever before. But the foremost objectives of the reform is to achieve the highest standards in professional excellence, quality, responsiveness, as well as full respect of fundamental human rights, transparency, equity and competence. How to keep people safe in this digitally-networked world is a pressing question that we are only just beginning to address.”

The papers discussed during these three days will be featured in the upcoming Special Conference Edition of the CEPOL European Law Enforcement research Bulletin, so that ideas and knowledge can be shared within the law enforcement community, fostering and facilitating broader discussions and becoming a source of inspiration for the future.


CEPOL is the European Union Agency dedicated to develop, implement and coordinate training for law enforcement officials. CEPOL contributes to a safer Europe by facilitating cooperation and knowledge sharing among law enforcement officials of the EU Member States and some third countries. CEPOL constantly strives to offer innovative and advanced training activities by integrating relevant developments in knowledge, research and technology and by creating synergies through strengthened cooperation with its partners.