MRU - the Only University in Lithuania Ranked in Global UI GreenMetric University Rankings - MRU

2 January, 2023
MRU – the Only University in Lithuania Ranked in Global UI GreenMetric University Rankings

The "UI GreenMetric" World University Ranking evaluates universities according to various sustainability indicators. In 2022, there were 1,050 global universities evaluated from 85 countries based on their contribution and impact in such areas such as science and studies, infrastructure, energy, climate change, waste management, water and transport use. Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) was the only Lithuanian university included in the "UI GreenMetric" ranking. MRU was ranked 198th among the most sustainable universities in Europe and 570th among universities worldwide. In 2022, MRU rose 127 positions higher in the world university ranking category compared to 2021.

MRU abides by the 2021-2023 Strategy for Sustainable Activities approved by the Senate and by the Council. The strategy is based on the following key principles: evidence-based and objectively measurable changes; implementation and maintenance of recognized sustainable performance standards; development of internal standards and practices based on the principle of a learning organization; prioritizing optimal operational processes; development of environmental literacy and environmental citizenship in the university community; Involving the University community and interested groups in the process of creating a sustainable university.

Based on United Nations (UN) recommendations for creating a sustainable university and recognized sustainability standards, changes are implemented in the following areas: commitment and community involvement in activities based on sustainability principles; studies and research; infrastructure and landscape; sustainable consumption and waste management; wellness; social support. Targets are set. Progress is measured annually.

When compiling the “UI GreenMetric“ rankings, international experts evaluate various evidence-based indicators that allow monitoring the achievements of world universities in the fields of studies, research and daily activities of the organization in terms of contribution and impact on the sustainable development of society.

"UI GreenMetric" – is an international sustainability ranking conducted annually from 2010, according to a specific methodology. Universities are awarded a rating that reflects their efforts and progress in reducing their ecological footprint.