MRU Student Girdvainis: I'll Apply What I Learned at MRU, When Starting My Business - MRU

19 November, 2021
MRU Student Girdvainis: I’ll Apply What I Learned at MRU, When Starting My Business

Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) student Klaidas Girdvainis, studying communication and digital marketing, says he is an introvert.  "Often I have to step out of my comfort zone," he explains. "I believe that these challenges only help and strengthen my competencies and force me to work harder and learn a lot of new things, ” said Girdvainis, a third-year student at MRU. He discussed his decision to study at MRU after graduating from the Musninkai Alfonsas Petrulis Gymnasium.

What I Learned at MRU, Will Help Create New Projects & Develop Existing Ones

Girdvainis has a number of hobbies, but the main ones are cars, programming and cryptocurrencies. These hobbies are not only an interesting past time, but also a source of livelihood. So the lessons learned in digital marketing and communication studies will definitely come in handy in the future, in applying the knowledge gained to developing and implementing startup strategies.

"I learned a lot during my studies - from communication to technological work. I gained the ability to make great use of programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere. I learned to do advertising, pinpoint the right audiences, and many other things that will benefit me in the future. This knowledge helps me to create new projects and develop the existing project. I would really like to work in my chosen specialty because I feel that is my vocation. I like to do activities related to this specialty, and not only that - I think it is very profitable ", said Girdvainis.

In the Future Working in a Job He Likes and Avoiding Activities that Are Not That Interesting

"It is often very difficult to find your vocation," said Girdvainis, a future communication and digital marketing specialist. "I think you need to try a lot of different things and stick to those you like best. Of course, it is always better to have a few things you enjoy and choose the one that provides the most benefits, enjoyment. It is important to have a vocation and engage in your favorite activities, because it will be much easier to achieve your goals."

"My study choices were quite impulsive. I chose a few different things, but those that I like - auto-electronics, game development, programming, graphic design and communication and digital marketing. I chose my current subject because I was very interested in digital commerce and tried to create a number of projects in the e-commerce area," he said. While studying, I gained the missing knowledge to be able to successfully settle into this field. That is why I recommend that future students at MRU choose an area that you really like and at least have some experience. Then you will be really sure that it will be beneficial in 5-10 years, he said.