MRU Signed Memorandum on Establishment & Implementation of New Certification Program for Anti-Money Laundering Professionals - MRU

27 May, 2022
MRU Signed Memorandum on Establishment & Implementation of New Certification Program for Anti-Money Laundering Professionals

May 27th, 2022, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) and the Ministry of Finance along with the Money Laundering Prevention Competencies Centre signed a memorandum for establishment and implementation of a new anti-money laundering certification programme for professionals. Lithuania took another stop in its ambition to become a competency center for European money-laundering prevention.

"MRU for several years has been implementing the Law and Fintech Bachelor's programme, where money laundering and terrorism prevention questions are integrated into law studies," said MRU Rector Prof. Inga Žalėnienė. "However, cooperation with the main organizations of this area in Lithuania will provide students and those wishing to specialize with additional opportunities to acquire critical practical skills. We are grateful for the trust of Lithuanian institutions to work together and for the recognition of MRU's work in this area. We are confident that the specialists participating in this programme will have a serious competitive advantage in a market that is rapidly expanding and is not limited to just Lithuania," said MRU Rector Prof. Žalėnienė.

According to Finance Minister Gintarė Skaistė, one of Lithuania's priorities is the further development and maturity of the Fintech sector, of which risk management is an integral part. Therefore, the new money laundering prevention studies programme is an opportunity for business to attract competent and market-trained employees in the field of law and money laundering prevention.

"The initiated successful inter-institutional cooperation led to the development of an innovative research programme, which will help students to effectively enter the job market by filling the current shortage of money laundering prevention specialists. Their need has become even more pronounced in order to ensure the effective implementation of international sanctions. We hope that the increased supply of money laundering specialists, due to the new programme, will contribute to a more even and high-quality development of the financial sector," said Minister Skaistė about the new opportunities for students.

Financial technologies are one of the fastest growing areas. Therefore, according to Minister Skaistė, when training money laundering prevention specialists, it is necessary to constantly monitor financial technology market trends and adapt studies programmes.

The Money Laundering Prevention Specialist Certification programme will be aimed at both students, who are already studying, and individuals who work in other fields but wish to specialize or deepen their knowledge in this field. The additional acquired competencies will allow trained lawyers to join the ever-growing community of money laundering prevention professionals. Programme participants will have the opportunity not only to acquire specialized knowledge, but also to deepen their skills through experential training and internships in public or private sector institutions. Upon successful completion of their studies, students will obtain a money laundering prevention certificate. The certificate programme will begin this fall.

Prepared from information supplied by the Ministry of Finance