7 September, 2021
MRU Public Security Academy Professor – Winner of Tennis “Professors’ Cup 2021”
Public Security Academy

Aug. 16th - Sept. 4th the 27th Men's and 3rd Women's "Professors' Cup - 2021" tennis tournament was held with MRU Public Security Academy Prof. Birutė Pranevičienė winning first place in the Women's Group.

The final matches between players who won the semi-finals were held Sept. 4th in the Kaunas "Ąžuolynas“ courts.

Prof. Pranevičienė said this tournament was her first in the singles matches, which proved to be highly successful because without a huge effort she was able to defeat her opponent.

At the Public Security Academy, Prof. Pranevičienė is Head of the Law Department and is also a member of the University Senate.