MRU Law School Dean Delivered Opening Remarks at International Conference "Freedom of Conscience in a Time of Global (In)Security“ - MRU

26 April, 2023
MRU Law School Dean Delivered Opening Remarks at International Conference “Freedom of Conscience in a Time of Global (In)Security“
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April 27th, 2023, Law School Dean Prof. Lyra Jakulevičienė delivered opening remarks at the International Conference, "Freedom of Conscience in a Time of Global (In)Security" that was held on the campus of MRU in Vilnius.

The opening session was moderated by MRU Law Assoc. Prof. Juozas Valčiukas.  

Freedom of conscience is one of the foundations of contemporary society. However, we have recently seen an increase in the erosion of the freedom of conscience through surveillance technology, religious discrimination, re-education camps, and other constraints that inhibit religious and other freedoms. This has weakened the freedom of conscience as well as the national and global security situation across the globe. Scientists and legal practitioners from different countries are gathering  in Vilnius to discuss freedom of conscience and related global security issues.

The speakers of this interdisciplinary conference discussed freedom of conscience contemporary issues. Particular states, laws, and court judgments were taken into consideration in order to find out how the freedom of conscience situation is changing and how it impacts the national and global security situation.

At the Conference, freedom of conscience themes were discussed from literary, historical, religious, philosophical, and legal perspectives. Besides, the speakers analyzed legal regulation and case law questions related to freedom of conscience. The Conference brought together experts from religious, political, philosophical, and legal fields representing Indonesia, Spain, the U.S., the Kingdom of Jordan, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Poland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and France.

This international Conference is a one-day event, which was held by the Law School of Mykolas Romeris University in collaboration with two Indonesian partners: the Faculty of Law of Airlangga Universitas and the Faculty of Law of Indonesia Universitas. The Conference is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania under the postdoctoral project agreement No. S-DP-22-61.

The Conference language was English.

Conference Programme is here.

Link to Conference YouTUBE here