LAB Researcher Attended CLIMAN Project Steering Committee Meeting in Netherlands - MRU

7 June, 2023
LAB Researcher Attended CLIMAN Project Steering Committee Meeting in Netherlands

May 28th-31st, 2023, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Environmental Management Research LAB jr. researcher Yuliana Shuhani attended a CLIMAN project meeting held in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. 

The project, "Synergy of Educational, Scientific, Management and Industrial Components for Climate Management and Climate Change Prevention/CLIMAN," unites 4 Ukrainian universities and and several from Georgia, and MRU, to help the training of climate managers.

According to project materials, CLIMAN will contribute to the training of specialists in the field of mitigation of climate change. Such specialists will be ready to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to help develop measures to minimize effects of global warming.

Students in Ukraine and Georgia will be able to acquire necessary knowledge in an updated Master's Degree programme, which will include a module, “Climate Management.”

Shuhani said that in Dordrecht project steering committee members met and the project was extended for another year. Shuhani represented MRU's Environmental Management LAB. She said the MRU LAB's researchers will share their experience in working with the project and discuss climate change strategies.

Within the framework of the project, a book will be published. Shuhani has written a 15-page chapter titled, "Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Areas and Their Benefits for Carbon Sequestration, Climate Regulation and Flood Regulation."

Shuhani said that in September a group of 34 people will come to MRU from Ukraine and Georgia and listen to lectures regarding climate change strategies. "We are preparing for this," she added.

The project will continue thru 2024.