Great opportunity for MRU international students: paid practice - MRU

14 February, 2024
Great opportunity for MRU international students: paid practice

Mykolas Romeris University has been awarded 47 grants for the supplementary practice for international students and recent graduates in UPinLT project. The goal of the UPinLT project is to provide support to foreign students and graduates of Lithuanian higher education institutions to successfully integrate them into the Lithuanian labour market.

The grants are for additional practice (outside the study program) in companies and organizations operating in Lithuania. The practice must be related to the study field and international students will have an additional opportunity to develop their professional knowledge and skills, acquire Lithuanian language skills and gain valuable work experience as well as to establish professional contacts.

To be eligible for the program, the candidates must be: Mykolas Romeris University students studying in the first or second cycle of studies or integral studies (with the exception of first-year students) or Mykolas Romeris University recent graduates.

The duration of the practice is 2-4 months with the commitment of no less than 20 hours per week for students and no less than 30 hours per week for graduates. This is paid practice and the grant paid by the university to student/graduate is 650 Eur per month. 

More information on the project can be found here.