3 May, 2021
International CEPOL Conference: Effects of Pandemic on Law Enforcement May 5-7th

May 5-7th, 2021, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training, CEPOL, in partnership with Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), is organizing an international research conference exclusively online.

Τhe topic this year is: ‘Pandemic Effects on Law Enforcement Training & Practice: Taking Early Stock from a Research Perspective’.

The emergence of the Coronavirus and the pandemic across the world has had a dramatic effect not only on the daily routines of citizens, but also on the work of police and other law enforcement bodies.  Enforcing curfew orders, “social distancing” rules or the compliance of wearing obligatory face-masks have become unusual areas of law enforcement attention. They were raised as a topic of public scrutiny and debate in many European countries. 

The pandemic crisis has been a new challenge for law enforcement bodies and officials across Europe for almost a full year. Decisions had to be taken. As a result, lessons have been learned about policing and enforcing the law in pandemic times.

CEPOL invites contributions to its online conference event on topics dealing with policing and enforcing the law during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and beyond.

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