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2019-11-26 00:00:01

Zacharova Art Exhibition Opened

irenos-zacharovos-tapybos-darbu-parodos-atidarimas-3473 November 26th, 2019, in MRU's Rotunda Hall, painter Irena Petravičiūtė Zacharova opened her art exhibition, "Searching and Finding" (Ieškojimai ir atradimai).

Staff and academics attended the opening. MRU Cultural Activities Head Dalė Maskoliūnienė congratulated Zacharova on the opening of the exhibit.

In the past, Zacharova has said she has a gift that she wants to share with others.

"I have a gift - from nature and God and I am sharing it with other art lovers, with people that are in need of help. My works of art are closely related to my personal life. I am a romantic, I travel a lot and am always searching and seeking out new experiences. My own experiences, become part of my world that I drink in to my own inner world." noted the painter.

This exhibition was inspired by the colours of fall and other experiences that Zacharova has brought home from abroad.

In my works I try to reveal my own visions, my feelings, which much like the ocean, not only rock forward and back, but also live their own frenzied life. she added.

I want to brighten the souls of my loved ones and people with my artwork, to thank for the inspiration and quiet backing and support as well as the great conditions that have allowed me to create and for this exhibition to come to fruition, Zacharova said.

Come see the colourful exhibit on display at the MRU Rotunda Hall.

Photos: Vidūnas Gelumbauskas