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2019-03-15 00:00:01

Student from Peru Begins Erasmus+ Internship in Intl Office

dsc1794 March 15th, 2019, Fernando Paul Espichan Segovia, a student from Peru, began an Erasmus+ internship in Mykolas Romeris University's (MRU) International Office. Segovia, 24, is currently enrolled at Italy's University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) where he is studying Economics and Marketing. 

Segovia, who left Lima, when he was 20 to study in Italy, said he came to MRU for a 3-month internship to learn more about this part of Europe. "I know Italy. I know Spain. So, I want to experience this northern part of Europe," said the curious Peruvian student. 

"I would like to know more about the culture here and see something totally different. Also, I like the weather here. I have never seen snow falling, so I am waiting for it to snow," he said adding that he has seen snow on the street before. 

Segovia said that there were several students at his university in Italy, who had studied at MRU and they recommended that he do an internship at MRU. 

He didn't know much about Lithuania before coming, he admitted. "I know that you have really good basketball players and that the people are really tall here. I know some dishes, like cepelinai, which I like," he said. 

On a visit to Poland, he dined at a Lithuanian restaurant in Gdansk, where he tried some Lithuanian dishes including the potato cepelinai stuffed with ground meat. "It was really, really good," he said, but his Italian friends were not that impressed. 

Segovia said he is looking forward to trying more Lithuanian dishes, including the pink soup šaltibarščiai

During his last 4 years of studies in Italy, Segovia has not been back to visit his parents in Peru. He said his family is proud of his achievements and that "every family in Peru wants their children to go outside for studies." 

He was well prepared for studies in Italy, as he attended a private Italian high school in Lima. Segovia added that he started learning Italian when he was 3 years old. 

Segovia will return to Italy to complete his final semester at the university in June. He will be awarded 12 credits for the Erasmus+ internship that he is undertaking at MRU. 

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