2020-01-13 00:00:01

Register for Free Japanese Language Courses

haga Students are invited to register for free Japanese language courses which will be taught by Japanese language teacher Mr. Yoshiyuki Haga. He is teaching the courses for a 4th year in a row at MRU. Courses begin Feb. 3rd, 2020. They will end May 15th, 2020.

Students can choose from 4 different levels:

1. Beginners 1A and Beginners 1B (Monday, Wednesday); This class is for those who study Japanese for the first time. (Limit: 25 students each class).
2. Beginner 2 (Tuesday, Thursday); This class is for those who can read and write Hiragana
3. Intermediate (Friday); (This class is for those who have learnt Japanese language for few years and are able to talk in Japanese, or learnt form textbook JBP II, attended conversation class).
4. Advanced conversation (Wednesday); Students that want to study abroad.

Register here:

Registration approval will be sent by Jan. 30th.