International Students

2017-09-01 00:00:02

Polyglot Kazakh Student Adilet Won Scholarship to Study at MRU

dsc0070 German-Kazakh University student Adilet Myrzatay won a Lithuanian state scholarship to spend a semester studying at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). "I want to gain knowledge in Management and Finance," said the Logistics major, who speaks German, Russian, Turkish, and flawless English.

"I like it here very much," said the student, who was visiting the MRU Library over the weekend to check out textbooks and view MRU Library's Nobel Prize winners book collection.

He said he was awarded a state scholarship which enabled him to come and pursue studies at MRU in Vilnius.

From the young age of 12, he attended a Turkish high school, which allowed him to learn Turkish. He has yet to visit Turkey, but said it is a popular destination for people from Kazakhstan.

He is also fluent in Russian, which he said is the main language for Logistics experts.

During upcoming breaks, he hopes to visit France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries.

While over the weekend other students were at the Vilnius festival "Sostinės dienos," in the city centre, Adilet was checking out English language books at the MRU Library. He could be seen engrossed in a book of fiction from the Nobel Prize winners collection.