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2020-04-10 16:18:00

MRU Reducing Rent in Dorms & Reassessing Tuition Payments

mruflowery Mykolas Romeris University management has made a decision to reduce rent for those students not living in the University's Student House and to reassess tuition payments for students paying for studies.

According to MRU Rector Prof. Inga Žalėnienė, during the quarantine period the University is seeking not only to ensure a quality studies process remotely, but also to help students during this difficult period in other ways. When the quarantine was announced and having begun to conduct studies remotely, some students may have had financial difficulties – especially those that are paying for studies. Some may have lost jobs or did not have enough savings accumulated. Their parents may also have come across financial difficulties. Therefore, we are quickly reacting and looking for ways to help students during this period,” said MRU Rector Inga Žalėnienė.

For Students - Reduction in Rent at Student House and Flexible Tuition Payments

Mykolas Romeris University has initiated changes, which would allow resolving issues regarding students’ tuition payments and rent for students in the University Student House. Some students from other cities in Lithuania went home, when the quarantine began and studies remotely were introduced. Other students stayed in the Student House and continued studies.

According to Vice-Rector Prof. Regina Valutytė, students who departed and are not living in the Student House during the quarantine have had their rent reduced by 50%. Vice-Rector Valutytė said that University management decided to reassess tuition payments reacting to the economic situation and possible financial difficulties with which some students might have or will have.

“For students who encounter financial difficulties due to the implementation of quarantine, we have extended the term for payment of the unpaid tuition instalment,” she said. During this complicated situation the University will try to support students providing all the necessary help. This applies not only to studies, but also resolving financial issues,” said Vice-Rector Prof. Valutytė.