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2020-09-01 00:00:02

MRU Marked 30th Anniversary - Sept. 1st

mrupastatas Sept. 1st, 2020, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) celebrated its 30th jubilee anniversary along with the start of a new academic year. The University was established in 1990 along with the restoration of the independence of Lithuania.
The University is closely connected with the modern history of Lithuania. Many University professors and honorary doctors are also signatories of the Restoration of Independence  Act, have contributed to the preparation of the Act and also to Lithuania’s Constitution and other significant legal documents as well as to the establishment of Lithuania’s Police Academy.

Establishment of the Lithuania’s Police Academy and its quick formation can be attributed to the need of such an educational institution for a young country. The newly established Lithuanian Police Academy began its activities on September 1st, 1990
From its establishment the Academy sought to integrate the best practices from Germany’s Denmark’s, Sweden’s and the Netherlands systems of preparation of police officers. The studies and research system at the then-Academy formed a new view of police relations with society and that police have to ensure and protect  the rights of all citizens.freedoms and protect the unbridled use of them. As the reform of the legal system got underway in the country there was a shortage of qualified public management and legal specialists. That is why Lithuania’s Government in 1997 made a decision to delegate the preparation of legal and law and management studies programmes to Lithuania’s Police Academy.

Having expanded the functions of Lithuania’s Police Academy, that same year the educational institution was granted a new name – the Law Academy of Lithuania.

Today MRU is the Largest Specialized Social Sciences University in Lithuania

The University began its activities preparing public safety and legal specialists and step by step grew stronger becoming the largest spec ialized social sciences university in Lithuania. In 2004, the University was named after the father of Lithuania's Constitutional Law, professor Mykolas Romeris.

Today MRU educates specialists in the fields of public management, economics, political science, psychology, social work, educational sciences and other social science areas.

’’We are the largest and only University specializing in social sciences in Lithuania,’ said MRU Rector Prof. Inga Žalėnienė.  

Although social sciences are developed and undertaken by technologically-oriented higher institutions of education, our University stands out with its strong and unique studies and research areas as well as inter-directional studies programmes and research that is recognized on the international level. The mission of our University remains unchanged – to actively contribute to the country’s legal and management systems, the strengthening of safety and to contribute to a sustainable, open, transparent, free country and the welfare of all citizens.

The Rector noted that on the occasion of the University’s 30th anniversary, the University has a distinct identity with a history all its own and a place not only among Lithuania’s institutions of higher education but also among higher education institutions worldwide.