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2019-12-04 00:00:01

MRU - A Leader in National Ratings

Dec. 4th, 2019, the journal, "Reitingai" (Ratings), announced Lithuania's university studies ratings for fall/winter 2019. Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) again confirmed its leading position as a specialized social sciences University.

MRU retains leading positions in: law, social sciences, business and public management, humanities and especially in Master's Degree programmes, which MRU offers (about 60) compared to Bachelor's Degree (~30).

As for Bachelor's studies, programmes recognized as the best were: Public Security (2018-N) and Tourism and Leisure Studies (2018-2).
2nd place among all universities goes to MRU Law (2018 - 3), Accounting (2018 - 3) studies.
3rd place went to Public Administration (2018 - 2), Translation (2018 - 3) studies.

The results for Master's Degree studies programmes were even better. Three MRU study areas for a 2nd time in a row were recognized as the best among all of LIthuania's state universities: Law (2018-1), Public Security (2018-1), and Tourism and and Leisure studies (2018 - 1).

Psychology was in 2nd place among all Master's Degree studies (2018-2);
Political Sciences came in 3rd among all state universities Master's Degree studies (2018 - 3), along with Communication (2018-05). Public Administration (2018 - 3), Human Resource Management (2018 - 03).

In the evaluation, MRU distinguished itself particularly well with the scientific criteria in the Master's Degree study fields, according to the authors of the rankings. The scientific criteria show which university researchers develop recognized science areas and perhaps commercialize it - creating innovations and selling to business. According to scientific criteria, 5 MRU Master's Degree programmes have the highest criteria among all universities.