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2018-03-30 00:00:03

Intl Conference: Changes in Public Management Held at the Seimas

seimaskonfcenter March 28th, 2018, MRU Public Governance Faculty academics together with the Seimas Committee on State Administration and Local Authorities held an international conference on Public Management Changes: Opportunities to Improve Organization of Public Services.

Professors and academics from Poland, Latvia, the Netherlands, the U.S., Ukraine and Lithuania attended the Conference held at the Seimas parliament bujilding in Vilnius.

MRU Public Administration Institute Director Assoc. Prof. Andrius Stasiukynas moderated one part of the conference's discussion.

MRU Justice LAB member & U.S. Hamline University Prof. David Schultz discussed Reinventing Government Again - Lessons from the U.S.

One of the conference's organizers, Assoc. Prof. Stasiukynas said the knowledge and insights gained at the Conference should help improve public service organization in Lithuania.

The conference was organized in conjunction with the Public Management Competencies Network.

(photos by Seimas photographer Olga Posaškova)