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2018-03-30 00:00:02

Exchange Students Taught Kindergarteners French, Coloured Easter Eggs

frenchstud MRU Francophone Erasmus+ exchange students from France and students studying French at the Institute of Humanities in March, began teaching a cycle of 8 lessons to kindergarten students, "Parlez vous francais?" at 2 Vilnius Children's Kindergartens, "Strazdanėlės."

Student Féhima Zerguit from France's University of La Rochelle prepared a lesson programme. She was aided by 2 students from France: Sibylle Decouflet ir Pierre Antoine Suarez as well as MRU Philology Bachelor's Degree student from the programme, English for Specific Purposes and a Second Foreign Language Aušrinė Krištopaitytė. They prepared practical tasks and learning materials for the children.

The first lessons were held at the Antakalnis kindergarten, "Strazdanėlės." Children learned the days of the week and how to say the different seasons in French. The children wondered whether there is lots of snow in France and what types of things are needed by the French during different times of the year.

Before Easter kindergarteners were also told how Easter is celebrated in France. They were told how family members are called in French.

The children had a chance to colour paper Easter eggs and learn the names of different colours.

In April, students will continue the French lessons at a Strazdanėlės kindergarten in Vilnius' Jeruzalės neighbourhood.