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2018-05-11 00:00:09

Estonian Scholar Prof. Rein Raud at MRU Conference May 18th

May 18th, 2018, 10:00 -11:30 a.m. in the MRU LAB's 102 aud., Estonian scholar Prof. Rein Raud will deliver a lecture: "Meanings, Texts, Practices: A Holistic View of Culture."

The lecture is part of an international conference, "Ontology, Language and Society" held over 2-days in Vilnius University (VU) on May 17th, and at Mykolas Romeris University (May 18th).

Prof. Raud was born in 1961 in Tallinn (Estonia). From 1980 to 1985, he studied at Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies.  From 1988 to 1994, he studied at Helsinki University and defended his PhD dissertation on The Theory of Literature.

He is Professor of Asian and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities at Tallinn University. He is a Visiting Professor at Freie Universitat Berlin's Institute of Japanology from April 2017.

Prof. Raud was Rector of Tallinn University from May 2006-May 2011.

He has received numerous awards and academic distinctions over the years including Doctor honoris causa from Vytautas Magnus University and Doctor honoris causa from the University of Latvia.

He is the recepient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold ad Silver Star (Japan); Commendation of the Foreign Minister of Japan; Commander's Cross for Services to Lithuania; the White Star Order of Merit III Class (Estonia); and the Commander's Cross of the Order of Leopold (Belgium).

His Literary awards and prizes include the Estonian Cultural Endowment Annual Prize (fiction) 2013 and 2005; the Tallinn University Prize for Literary Translation 2013 and the Friedebert Tuglas Award 2012.

Prof. Raud is a member of councils and boards in various educational and scientific institutions in Estonia and numerous foreign countries.

Academic books he has published include: "Meaning in Action: Outline of an Integral Theory of Culture," 2016, Cambridge Polity Press; with Zygmunt Bauman "Practices of Selfhood", 2015, Cambridge Polity Press; "Mis on Kultuur?: (What is Culture?), 2013, Tallinn: Tallinn University Press; with James Hesig, "Classical Japanese Philosophy" 2010, Nagoya, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture; and numerous other books.

Prof. Raud has published a large number of scientific books and articles as well as works of fiction and poetry collections in Estonian.

A polyglot, he has also translated a significant number of fiction books from Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Finnish and Lithuanian into Estonian.

All invited.