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2019-01-29 00:00:01

Acting Rector Prof. Žalėnienė Met Korea's Ambassador

20190129164317 Jan. 29th, 2019, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Inga Žalėnienė met with the Korean Ambassador H.E. Mira Sun and diplomats of the Embassy.

It was the first visit of Ambassador Mira Sun to MRU.

The Ambassador met with KSI Vilnius Director Prof. Dr. Lora Tamošiūnienė and administrator Boa Lim, then visited the King Sejong Institute (KSI Vilnius) and toured the Korean cultural centre and language learning auditoriums.

The Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Žalėnienė discussed ongoing cooperation with Korean universities and further development with Ambassador Mira Sun.”

On July 10th, 2018, the KSI Vilnius Institute was selected as one of the best King Sejong Institutes in the world (according to 2018 statistics, there are 171 King Sejong Institutes operating in 54 countries).