May 05
Webinar: “How to Build Your Business or Startup While Studying” – May 5th
05 d. 16:00 hr, 05 d. 17:00 hr

Are you thinking about creating an innovative business or a start-up? Have a wonderful idea but need some knowledge to make it happen? It is not a secret that most start-ups or businesses fail in the first year. Research shows that common mistakes of such failures are: no market need, wrong team, lack of finance. Learn how to avoid these mistakes! 

Join FREE MRU webinar where you will learn: 

  • how to launch your first start-up while studying;
  • how to avoid mistakes while building a great business or start-up;
  • how to get 25 000 USD investment for an idea while studying a bachelor program of Startup Building and Entrepreneurship at Mykolas Romeris University.  


  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Artūras Jurgelevičius, Study program director of Startup Building and Entrepreneurship
  2. Ms. Rūta Guobužaitė, Head of Admission and Marketing 

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