May 05-07
CEPOL Research Conference: Pandemic Effects on Law Enforcement Training – May 5th-7th
05 d. 09:00 hr, 07 d. 18:00 hr

May 5-7th, 2021, the CEPOL Research & Science Conference, in partnership with Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) will be held. For the first time in its history, the Conference will be hosted exclusively online.

Τhe topic: ‘Pandemic Effects on Law Enforcement Training & Practice: Taking Early stock from a Research Perspective’.

Call for papers open until 19 March 2021

Now is the time to take stock of our experiences, share knowledge, facts and lessons (to be) learnt, while exploring not only challenges but also new opportunities for the future. As it strives to offer continuous professional learning opportunities for law enforcement officials in Europe and beyond, CEPOL recognises the importance, within the law enforcement community, of transferring scientific evidence -and research-based insights & findings- from the academic to the professional sphere.

In this context, we invite practitioners from European law enforcement forces and institutions, as well as affiliated postgraduate researchers and academic scholars to submit contributions based on empirical studies in a variety of aspects and topics of policing and enforcing the law during the pandemic crisis and beyond:

  • Training and Education during and after the Pandemic Crisis (Featured Track);
  • Health & Safety Issues for Law Enforcement Officials;
  • Lessons (to be) learnt for Management and Leadership;
  • Changing Crime Patters during the COVID-19 Pandemic;
  • Innovation triggered by the Pandemic Crisis;
  • Police-Public Relations and Public Order;
  • Open Corner.

For this event, three formats for contributions will be accepted:

  1. Regular paper presentation (with slides) - 20 min;
  2. Shout (lightning talk, with or without slides) - 5 min (strict);
  3. Invited Keynote(s).

Abstracts of papers and proposals for contributions must be submitted in an online format by 19th March through the dedicated conference website.