Mentorship - MRU


Would you like to hear inspiring career stories? Are you looking for the answers to your career questions and your career path? Join MRU mentorship program, find a mentor and make a move towards successful career!

Since February 2023, we have been integrating the mentorship program into the  platform. You can register and find your mentor here: by selecting MRU.

Mentoring is a collaboration between a mentor and a student in order to educate the student and prepare him for his future career. This is a great way to get answers to questions that arise during your studies, to grow your personality and develop your skills. A mentor is a leader and advisor with relevant professional experience who is ready to answer your questions and is able and willing to share his experience and knowledge. Join and take the opportunity to have a mentor who will accompany you towards a successful career.

  • What can students achieve working with a mentor?
  • Get to know the representatives and authorities of the future profession;
  • Develop their own career by listening to career stories;
  • Get acquainted with organizations, their mission, work duties and understand their values ​​and goals;
  • Understand what competences they have and what competences should still be developed;
  • Expand their contact network and successfully integrate into organizations;
  • Acquire a wider range of knowledge by discussing various professional topics, current events;
  • Find and try additional learning opportunities recommended by the mentor;
  • Discuss problems, motivation questions and challenges of study and work.
  • We aim for mentorship to be a meaningful experience and help both the student and the mentor grow.