Since April 1, 2017, the research project "European identity as an essential factor of the construction of open society in Lithuania: philosophical analysis and juridical interpretation" is realized in Values laboratory. The project is founded by the program of Research Council of Lithuania "Modernity in Lithuania" (MOD-17029). The research leader is assoc. prof. dr. Povilas Aleksandravičius (Mykolas Romeris University), the other members of the researcher group are prof. dr. Vytautas Šlapkauskas (Mykolas Romeris University) and dr. Camille Riquier (Catholic University of Paris).

On December 20, 2017, a member of laboratory prof. Saulius Kanišauskas presented his book "Atsibusk, Kalistratai". The event was presided by Jonas Endrijaitis, and assoc. prof. Lora Tamošiūnienė, assoc. prof. Marija Vabalaitė, assoc. prof. Povilas Aleksandravičius were speaking.

On December 19, 2017, a member of laboratory prof. Vytautas Šlapkauskas read a public lecture "The contemporary tendencies of open society in Lithuania from the perspective of sociology of law". There was a discussion after the lecture. 

On October 26-27, 2017, an international interdisciplinary scientific conference "Dynamics of Religion in Culture: Interactions of Identities and their Expression" was held in Mykolas Romeris unoversity. The principle organizer and coordinator of this event was Values laboratory, the president of scientific and organizational committee was prof. dr. Rūta Brūzgienė. Nearly 20 participants have come from foreign countries. The presentations were also made by members of Values laboratory Povilas Aleksandravičius, Rūta Brūzgienė, Saulius Kanišauskas, Evaldas Juozelis, Liudmila Mockienė, Vytautas Šlapkauskas, Ihsan Dilecki, Andrius Sprindžiūnas, Lilijana Astra. 

On October 11, 2017, a presentation of the book "Knowledge as value and values in knowledge" was held in Mykolas Romeris University. Some of the authors of this scientific research book are the members of Values Laboratory: Saulius Kanišauskas, Povilas Aleksandravičius, Evaldas Juozelis, Lilijana Astra. The book was reviewed by Marija Vabalaitė. They and some other authors have spoken at the event - the philosopher Andrius Konickis (editor of the book), philosopher Vacys Bagdonavičius, historian of science Libertas Klimka, writer Vytautas Girdzijauskas, the president of scientific society "Žinija" Tatjana Simaškienė.

On April 27, 2017, the member of Values laboratory Rusnė Kregždaitė has obtained the doctoral degree in social sciences (economy). The title of her dissertation work is "The cultural and creative industries evaluation modelling in European Union countries". The director of dissertation is prof. dr. Eugenija Martinaitytė.

On the 10th of May, 2017 assoc. prof. dr. Ivana Tocak from J. J. Strossmayer University (Osijek, Croatia) delivered a lecture "Informed consent: legal and ethical aspects". After the presentation the meeting of the Lithuanian section of the International Association for the Philosophie of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) was held. The section is headed by assoc. prof. dr. Jolanta Bieliauskaitė.

On May 4, 2017, a seminar of semiotics research has been realized, guided by prof. dr. Arūnas Sverdiolas (Vilnius University), prof. dr. Dainius Vaitiekūnas (Lithuanian University of Educational Science), Miglė Anušauskaitė (The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore), Ksenija Kazarina (Klaipeda University). The event was organized by prof. dr. Rūta Brūzgienė.

On June 20, 2017, the lecture of the Institute of Political Sciences Benas Brunalas delivered a lecture "Does the homus economicus feel emotions? The perspectives of analysis of the emotions in the international politics".