Projektas "Nauja sporto vadybos švietimo karta Europoje"

Project "A new generation of sport management education in Europe"

In the first week of Semtember,the second meeting of the partners in Copenhahagen(Denmark)was held in the framework of the Erasmus+Strategic Partnership for Higher Education project New School of Management Education in Europe(New Age of Sport Management Education in Europe).The MRU project was represented by the professor of the Institute of Management Dr.Vilma Cingiene.
The project seeks to find out what skills and abilieties are needed for sports managers,managers in daily work and what competencies will be needed in the future.The obtained results are important for analyzing the needs of thr sports labor market and for improving the study program of sport management in the country and in Europe.The project involves partners from nine EU countries.Project implementation period 2017-2019.

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