Mediacija LL.M.

Field of studies
State code of the programme
Master in Law (LL.M.)
Length of studies
Full-time studies (partly on-line study mode is applied) - 1 year
Language of studies


Mediation (LL.M) program is designed to prepare experts in mediation, who will be able to solve various types of national and private international disputes by mediation.

The program is created because:
  • Mediation – is a prosperous dispute resolution trend all over the world;
  • Lawyers need new dispute resolution tools and technics to be successful at their practice;
  • Private international disputes are so complex that require special out-of-court ways to effectively solve them.

How the program is recognizably different from other programs of similar type?
  1. is executed by the higly accredited (CEDR, MiKK, Network of Cross-Border Family Mediators etc.) interdisciplinary team of lecturers-practitioners (lawyers, psychologists, educologists) in the field of mediation.
  2. has a well-balanced and exhaustive curriculum (law and psychology) oriented towards the development of practical skills.

What knowledge and skills will the students gain?
  • necessary knowledge and practical skills to carry out the mediation procedure professionally and / or to properly represent their clients in mediation;
  • extensive and systematic knowledge of different ways of resolving disputes and their applicability;
  • will be able to advise the parties to the dispute on the most appropriate way to resolve a particular dispute.

Prospective program partners:

Lithuanian Bar Association, Bulgarian Mediators‘ Association, University of Graz Conflict Resolution Center, Italian Mediation Center Concilia, Academic Partners in Ukraine (Yaroslav Wise National Law University), Latvia (Turiba University) and Poland (Wroclaw University), Lithuanian Chamber of Mediators and others.


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