Naujausioji knyga

2014-10-27 09:45:00

Raminta Bardauskienė, Leta Dromantienė, Vida Gudžinskienė, Asta Railienė, Daiva Skučienė, Jautrė R. Šinkūnienė, Irena Žemaitaitytė SOCIAL WORK WITH CHILDREN AND YOUTH: INTERCULTURAL AND INTERNATIONAL ASPECT: metodinė priemonė (anglų k.)


The book “Social work with children and youth: intercultural ant International aspect” has been prepared on the basis of theoretical study subjects. Each part begins with a theoretical justification of a particular topic. The theoretical sources of information and the analysis of these sources enable students to study the theoretical basis of the subject.

The bibliography and the links to electronic information resources are provided at the end of each part, which allows students to analyse the subject studied in more detail. The authors believe that this guidebook will ensure professional development of students, will help understand theoretical subjects in terms of multicultural and intercultural aspects.

This publication will contribute to the studies of social work students willing to work in the field of development of children’s and young peoples’ competencies in an intercultural and international context.