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Leadership studies for personal and professional development



Business Innovation Lab together with other 15 laboratories from the MRU LAB network has opened its doors on the 24th September, 2015. Our team kindly invites you to intensive leadership studies for personal and professional development Creating value through the leadership, – which are presented together with prof. Ray Smith (USA) who is already known and very well accepted by our Master studies students.

Is it possible to be a successful manager and at the same time an inspiring leader in the 21st century business? In these studies you will learn how using specific leadership skills to transform your managerial capabilities and thus to become more empowered in reacting and solving business challenges.

Using the recent research, analyzing the examples of other enterprises and performing practical exercises, you will assess your leadership potential and learn how to motivate others, communicate effectively, work with your investors and other stakeholders, manage psychological capital and lead the changes in your organization. During the studies you will prepare and practice the individual leadership skills development programme as well as apply it for the implementation of the project aiming to solve an important your business problem.

 Though studies are based on the distance learning approach, you will have a possibility to meet the instructors and other participants to share the experience and learning process results.

 Leadership studies focus on three areas of leadership development:

1. Leader as individual                  2. Leader as relationship builder             3. Leader as social architect


Introduction session

May 22nd – May 23rd, 2017 (17:00 – 19:00 p.m.)

Mykolas Romeris University, LAB Hall, Vilnius

Online studies in Moodle distance learning environment                 

Beginning of week June 5th, 2017 – November 30th, 2017


Wrap-up session

To be confirmed, but no later than December, 2017, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius

Main target audience: small and medium size business owners, managers and everyone with a goal for personal leadership development


Duration: 16 weeks, 3-5 hours effort per week


Price: 250, certificate included, 50 for MRU Staff and students


Language: English with the support from Lithuanian instructors

Questions and registration:  Inga Zilinskiene,


Prof. dr. Ray Smith (Tennessee, USA)

Dr. Ray Smith earned a Bachelor degree in Economics, a Master Degree in International Business, and a PhD in Organizational Leadership. Currently, Dr. Smith teaches in the MBA program for Belhaven University (USA) and Anglo- American University (Czech Republic), is a member of Fulbright specialist programme, and directs the Center for Leadership Studies in Anglo-American University. Before entering academia, Dr. Smith owned and operated several small businesses in hospitality industry, and worked as a consultant for various organizations.

MBA at MRU  

Details: Application due by June 30th

Classes begin September 2nd

Tuition fee for EU students 2240 EUR/per year*

Tuition fee for Non-EU students 3120 EUR/per year*

* The number of seats in the MBA programme is limited to 20 and only students, starting the programme in 2017/2018 intake will have a chance to get a special discounted tuition fee. The full tuition fee is 4480 EUR for EU students and 6240 for non-EU students. However, those entering this year, will pay only half of this tuition! More information:

For any questions, please contact Inga Zilinskiene:







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MRU                                          habil. dr. Žaneta  Simanavičienė




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2018-01-01                         2019-12-31

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2018-01-01                         2019-12-31

Paraiškos pagal 2017 m. kvietimą teikti paraiškas Lietuvos - Ukrainos programos mokslo projektams vykdyti

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