Mykolas Romeris university is implementing both national and international projects that are designed to improve infrastructure, research, teaching and promote collaboration among researchers, academics and students.

Researchers of the university are implementing projects, financed by The Research Council of Lithuania. The projects include research of various topics such as identity of Polish minority in Lithuania (dr. A. Jakubauskas), the use of potential of Lithuanian diaspora‘s professional networks (dr. D. Gudelis), intellectual property strategies of biotechnology in SMEs (dr. M. Kiškis), leadership in autonomous school (dr. J. Urbanovič), associated groups and their ability to engage in public management processes (dr. B. Mikulskienė) and so on. Mainly the researches are done in the social sciences field and humanities. During the period from 2010 to 2014, 20 research projects are being implemented, project groups are researching fields of their interest, preparing scientific articles, monographs, learning from their colleagues abroad during visits and so on.

Projects financed by EU structural funds are mainly long term projects that are directed at improvement of education and vocational learning, development of research and technologies. In the recent years, together with partners, Mykolas Romeris university has implemented 44 projects financed by EU structural funds. The projects were aiming to increase effectiveness of studies, improve quality and enhance internationalization of studies, develop internationalization in higher education, strenghten researchers abilities, strenghten general infrastructure of research and studies, improving career counceling, etc. Mykolas Romeris university was the coordinator of the following projects:

·         „Formalizing competencies, acquired in non-formal education system for adults in Lithuanian institutions of higher education“ (2012-2014)

·         „Preparing and implementing joint Master‘s degree programme “Social technologies“ (2012-2015)

·         „Preparing and implementing joint Master‘s degree programme „Social work with children and youth“ (2012-2015)

·         "Preparing and implementing joint Master‘s degree programme "Business informatics“ (2012-2015)

·         "Implementing joint Master‘s degree programme „Comparative social policy and welfare“ (2012-2014)

·         ,,Preparing and implementing joint study programme" (2012-2015)

·         ,,Preparing and implementing joint Master‘s degree programme ,,Industrial and organizational psychology“ (2012-2015)

·         „Increasing internationalization of Master’s degree programmes“ (2012-2014)

·         “Improvement of AAS ,,Gjensidige Baltic“ Lithuanian branch staff qualification by preparing and implementing a non-formal education programme „Insurance Academy“ (2012-2014)

·         "Preparing and implementing retraining modules and carrying out qualification improvement for investigators of the Police Department under Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs and its subordinate police offices“ (2013-2015)

·         "Postdoctoral (PhD) Fellowship Implementation in Lithuania" (2013-2015)

·         "Improvement of Training of Highly - Qualified Specialists for the Development of Research-Intensive Sub-Sectors of Economy – NKPDOKT"(2011-2015)

·         "Establishing international centre for studies, science and academic mobility of Mykolas Romeris university“ (2013-2015)

Collaborating with national and international partners, academic and administrational staff is implementing and taking part in the international projects financed by Erasmus+ programme, European Commission, NordPlus, COST and other programmes. The extended list of the projects can be found here.