You must attend a compulsory pre-departure meeting.  Erasmus+ and exchange students attend a general pre-departure meeting in early December (Autumn) and in May (Spring semester, full year).  You will receive an email from MRU International Office about the date and location of pre-departure meeting.

If you want to successfully finish your exchange studies at Mykolas Romeris University you have to do following things:
1. To pass all EXAMS
  • All exams must be passed according to the timetables (during the exam session). Only those who have the objective reasons to pass the exams earlier can do it but they have to provide special documents to the faculty. The decision is held by the Dean of the Faculty. Academic Affairs Center will check if the exams are on the time according the to timetables. Also, pay attention that the system in the University is created in the way that it is impossible to put the marks earlier. So the final documents can not be issued to a student earlier. 
  • If you want to retake an exam, please consult with your lecturer. Registration in MY STUDIES for the retaking is mandatory. Students do not have to pay only for the first retake. 
  • In the nearest future (after you pass your exams) while opening your e-book you will see the Questionnaire. We kindly ask you to fill it in because your opinion is very important to the University. The system is created in the way that if you do not answer the questions you will not be able to log-in to your e-book and see your final marks of exams.
  • Check if ALL of your courses are added to MY STUDIES.

2. To pick up the PRE-DEPARTURE FORM (2-3 days before departure day)

  • Each of you has to come to the International office (I-302) PERSONALLY to take a special paper (pre-departure form) where you will have to collect the signatures and sign yourself. This form must be signed by the International Office first.
  • This form has to be filled in by students and other responsible people. 
  • Bring it back personally to the Coordinator of Incoming Students to the International Office. If you do not come and if you do not bring the paper back to the International Office (I-302) PERSONALLY, the final documents (Confirmation of studies and Transcript of Records) will not be issued to you.
    • Make sure you have returned all books to the library;
    • Make sure you don't have any debt to the University or Student House.
  • If you are planning to leave on the weekend, please arrange everything on Friday.


  • It is a document for your university confirming the length of your stay at MRU (arrival date - departure date);
  • You will get all documents and certificates about the period of your stay when you bring back the pre-departure form with the signatures. Check with your home university if they need an extra document to confirm your studies at MRU (might be differently called: Certificate of attendance, Confirmation of departure, Letter of Confirmation);
  • Please note that on your certificate of the period of stay in Vilnius we will put exact day of your departure. If you do not bring the special paper or if you put the wrong date the final documents will not be issued to you at all.
    • The date of the departure is considered to be the last day of your stay at MRU.


  • It's an official document replacing the so called AFTER MOBILITY section in the Learning Agreement for studies;
  • ToR will be used to transfer your grades from MRU to your home University (the list of your grades) and shows the dates of the semester (or academic year);
  • ToR is issued by the faculties, but sent out by the International Office;
  • ToR will be issued within 5 weeks of the end of semester;
  • ToR will be sent by an e-mail using the address which is indicated by the Student in the final paper - either to the Faculty international office or to the central International office. ToR can be sent by post on request of your home university only.
3. To fill in a request to return a DEPOSIT for a Student House
  • Please print out the form (attachment), fill it in and bring it to the Student House Manager (109). Accountancy department will check everything and you'll receive your money back. Please pay attention that all parts have to be filled in.
    • Tidy up and clean your room.
    • When leaving the dormitory, please do not forget to return your key at the reception.
If you have any questions you are welcome to visit International office (I-302)!

Have a safe journey back home! :)

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