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International Office of Mykolas Romeris University works in order to make the University more international and competitive in the area of higher education in Lithuania, Europe and all around the world. It coordinates international cooperation and partnerships among the University and foreign higher education institutions, international organisations, networks, diplomatic missions, Lithuanian communities abroad, University's participation in international academic exchange programmes, marketing operations advertising the University's accomplishments in research and innovation, as well as study programmes abroad. It organises international student recruitment and admission, advises arriving students and staff on non-academic support, temporary residence in Lithuania (migration), integration into the University's academic community. International office informs University students and staff about studies, grants and placements abroad, and provides the University’s departments with methodical, administrative and informational assistance.
International Office consists of the International Mobility and Students Division and the International Partnerships Division. International Office staff contacts.

International Mobility and Students Division performs these functions: 

• controls and administers student exchange under international programmes, bilateral and multilateral state contracts, University's cooperation (partnership) agreements, student mobility under Lithuanian state scholarships, international placements and other programmes. Promotes the internationalisation of studies;
• administers EU Erasmus+ programme key action 1 student mobility;
• organises the recruitment of foreign students and listeners applying for full-time studies at the University, as well as the admission of students in international exchange study programmes or "free-mover" students for studies or placement at the University's departments;
• on the basis of their expertise, prepares internal University legislation and other documents, analyses and gives reports;
• organises events for promoting mobility opportunities, international student integration and cultural experience;
• supervises the International Office websites in Lithuanian and English, prepares and periodically updates information that represents the University. Spreads information in foreign languages on study and exchange opportunities, arrival, life in Lithuania, integration into the academic community and support on various publications, websites and social media, useful to foreign students, graduates and partner institutions;
• advises university entrants and other individuals interested in information on the admission of foreign students and listeners or information on international (studies) exchange. It is responsible for spreading the innovations of this field at the University;
• informs students on matters unrelated to the organisation of the study process (orientation events upon student arrival, social integration into the University's community, processing of legal residence in Lithuania, accommodation at the University student house, etc.);
• coordinates student organisations (communities) – Erasmus student network MRU section (ESN MRU Vilnius), international student associations (MRU ISA), other student organisation programmes and individual student initiatives designed for organising University's international student integration and entertaining leisure activities;
• in cooperation with other departments, initiates and implements marketing strategies and campaigns in order to advertise the University and its study programmes abroad, and, on the basis of their expertise, participates and presents the University in fairs, expositions and public events in Lithuania or abroad; 
International Partnerships Division performs these functions:

• coordinates the University's cooperation with international partners, Lithuanian and foreign diplomatic missions, Lithuanian communities abroad, international organisations, Rector's (University level) communication with international organisations and partners;
• in cooperation with involved departments, it organises and regulates international contract projects, controls the implementation of legal obligations, manages and constantly updates memberships in international organisations, as well as the database of international cooperation contracts and partners, analyses and provides recommendations on the extension of memberships, contracts and cooperation;
• controls the arriving staff mobility: organises the protocol arrival of foreign delegations, guests, lecturers and researchers, the processing of documents, the preparation and appropriate implementation of programmes for strategic visits at the University, coordinates the recruitment of potential foreign professors, administers the arriving professors' applications for support, the provision of reports for institutions that have granted financial support; provides information to foreign lecturers and staff (orientation events upon their arrival, social integration into the University's community, processing of legal arrival and residence in Lithuania, accommodation, etc.);
• controls the outgoing staff mobility: analyses, aids the board in planning and administers the University's staff international mobility and missions (including EU Erasmus+ programme key action 1 activities), organises foreign missions for the University board;
• on the basis of their expertise, prepares internal University legislation, analyses and gives reports, administers the University's international contact database and observes its effectiveness;
• administers the activities of the Francophone Country Studies Centre, the Asian Centre and the King Sejong Institute (KSI Vilnius);
• analyses the most advanced experiences of international management of Universities in Europe and other regions, spreads and implements management innovations in the University on the basis of their expertise;
• provides organisational and administrative assistance, consults organisers of University's international events on protocol matters, organises international events at the University together with the faculties and other University departments; 
• seeks, analyses and spreads information on the initiatives of International organisations, invitations to cooperate with other institutions, information on the possibilities of teaching, training (professional development) and studies abroad, grants and other financial support, organises events to promote staff mobility at the University and, if required, aids in looking for international cooperation partners; 

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