Pop Vocal Group

The Mykolas Romeris University Pop Vocal Group was established in 2000. The leader of the group is composer Artūras Novikas, who is the well-known founder and head of the private "Artūras Novikas Jazz School." He is a vocal specialist, teacher-expert and well known Lithuanian vocal jazz ensemble leader as well as member of various music evaluation committees and juries.

During rehearsals students are taught to sing in various popular music styles. They are taught and encouraged to form solo and group ensemble singing skills, introduced to the development of pop music and the specifics of the style. Lots of attention is devoted to movements and expression on stage, while performing. One of the group's most important aims is the quality of singing and its quest for professionalism. That is why during concerts the group stands out with its sonorous tones and wonderful management of unison and unforgettable, subtle tunes and ability to serenade a crowd not only with voice, but with fluid movements on stage.

The repertoire of the Pop Vocal Group is diverse, authentic and at the same time innovative. Some of the compositions are performed without using any instruments. The Pop Vocal Group's concert programme is composed of well-known Lithuanian and foreign jazz composers' compositions, popular songs and songs written by students themselves, which are arranged and specially adapted for the group by its leader Artūras Novikas. All group members brim with enthusiam before each performance and their youthful energy is reflected in the songs they perform.

The Pop Vocal Group is a frequent performer at various functions at Mykolas Romeris University, at special events in the city and in student-organized fundraisers and fests. They also, on occasion, appear on national television and organize concerts.

Rehearsals take place Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 p.m. in IV-009 auditorium. Group members are very friendly and are always looking for new members who want to try out their vocal skills and to spend their free time in a meaningful way.

Leader Artūras Novikas

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