About us

Mykolas Romeris University's Cultural Activities Centre's areas of activities are divided into:

  • Activities of University Folk, Dance and Music Ensembles;
  • Cultural Events at the University. 

In fostering these two areas of cultural activities, the Centre relies on aesthetic traditions and principles encouraging University students to take part in cultural and artistic activities and also represent the University in artistic festivals, competitions of all sorts and in festive events. Through their activities, these groups seek to present a positive image of the University, not only here in Lithuania, but also abroad.

The Centre allows for spending leisure time in a variety of ways, taking part in various extracurricular activities, and provides for improvement of one's skills and talents in different areas of art. Here, all lovers of different art forms will find a place to develop their talents - from dancing to classical and jazz music, to theatre and even mastering the art of photography. Each of these groups has its goals and traditions. Each year they anxiously await freshmen to fill their ranks. Daily rehearsals and practice sessions allow the groups to showcase their talents on the international stage and to take part in national competitions and, of course, perform for the University's community.

Aside from coordination of the various university artistic groups, the Cultural Activities Centre organizes various cultural events at the University. Many joint music projects are undertaken, and various art exhibits displayed. Lithuanian and foreign choirs and musicians perform and there are meetings organized with famous and well-known artists and entertainers. The University actively takes part in the Music Fund organized concert event titled, “Alma Mater Musicalis“ as well as the festival, “Sugrįžimai.“





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