Career Management (KVIS System)

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What is KVIS?

KVIS is an information system implementing students' career management services. Its main purpose is to provide students with automated personal career management tools and services.

KVIS provides the following Electronic Career Management Services:
  • Career Education;
  • Career counseling; 
  • Learning about career opportunities; 
  • Career assessment; 
  • Job and internship search. 

You, Students, are the main recipients of KVIS services. You can:
  • Develop and Manage Personal Career Plans;
  • Develop the Competencies Needed for Career Management; 
  • Evaluate Personality-relevant aspects of career: one's own interests, values, talents, etc.; 
  • Find solutions to career problems or difficulties 
  • Find reliable information on careers, occupations and positions, organizations, learning, internships and employability; 
  • Establish and maintain relationships with prospective employers, professions of interest, career professionals; 
  • Seek and use career management information sources; 
  • Find internships and jobs. 

How does it work?

Connecting to KVIS: Here

The first registration takes place through an electronic government gate (bank, e-signature or ID card). Later, the login takes place with the email you specified during registration.

For any additional information, feel free to contact us: karjera@mruni.eu

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