Career Counselling

The Career Counselor is here to help the student making career decisions and solve career issues.

Career counseling is for:

  • Evaluating Career-relevant Personality: your interests, values, talents, etc.
  • Assisting in finding Internship and Jobs 
  • Assisting in finding solutions to Career Problems or difficulties 

Individual meetings are available during which the consultant will advise you on:

  • Developing an informative and employer-centered curriculum vitae
  • Creating an effective job search plan, to get acquainted with different ways and sources of job search 
  • Prepare for a job / internship interview (learning how to present yourself properly during simulation interviews) 

      For Lithuanian Consultations:

        Associate Professor: Doc. dr. Asta Railienė
        Room: C-V-254
        Email: asta.railiene@mruni.eu

     For English Consultations:

       Manager: Pauline Lapointe
       Room: C-I-322
       Email: lapointe@mruni.eu

Consultation must be arranged in advance

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