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One of our activities is to coordinate relations with graduates and analyze labor market trends. The University pays great attention to the employment of graduates and their careers, providing students with professional career opportunities, providing information, methodological and consultative assistance on labor market preparation and employment issues, facilitating the integration of students / graduates into the labor market. The results of the University graduates' employment analysis carried out for several years’ show that graduates are well prepared for the labor market.

Integrated career monitoring system developed by Mykolas Romeris University, allow continuous analysis of MRU graduates' integration into the labor market. It is for the functioning of this monitoring system that MRU constantly receives official information from SODRA about jobs, salaries, registration with the Lithuanian Labor Exchange (LDB) and length of stay, employment under the LDB and other data of its graduates (by specialties and professions). This system allows MRU and social partners to analyze labor market trends, collect and systematize information on the labor market situation, wage trends, etc., for each study program.


The LDB data confirm that MRU graduates are well established in the Lithuanian labor market. Most MRU graduates find it easy to get a job in their specialty: lawyers, sales managers, economists, social workers, project managers, finance, etc. (Letter No. Sd-106 of the Lithuanian Labor Exchange dated 14 January 2015). These data indicate that the employability of MRU graduates has remained as good as in recent years. 2015 On 14 January, 4.8% of all graduates of higher education institutions were registered with the Lithuanian Labor Exchange and 0.05% of all unemployed were registered with the Lithuanian Labor Exchange. University graduates do not stay at the labor exchange for long. Young, motivated and well-educated young people take up to three months to find a job and successfully enter the labor market.

The LDB also provides information on long-term unemployed MRU graduates registered with the labor exchange. Persons who have been inactive for more than a year in the labor market are considered to be long-term unemployed. The 1st May 2015, only 11 MRU graduates were registered as long-term unemployed: Financial Economics - 1, Social Work - 4, Law - 4, Legal and Police Activities - 1, Public Administration - 1.


Mykolas Romeris University maintains and develops relationships with social partners in order to match the needs of future professionals and potential employers. Meetings, conferences and career conferences are organized in cooperation with the social partners. The purpose of the events is to introduce students to career opportunities, employer requirements for employees, and professional experience of professionals.

The vision and goals of Mykolas Romeris University are directly related to the high quality of studies, which is ensured by positive evaluations of Lithuanian and foreign experts. This creates opportunities and helps develop students' ability to adapt better in a competitive labor market. The high employment rate of graduates is one of the most important indicators of the quality of university activities.

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