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Welcome to Mykolas Romeris University Lifelong Learning and Competencies Recognition Web Site!

Mykolas Romeris University creates flexible conditions:

1.   To seek for recognition of Non-Formal and Informal learning achievements More

2.   To constantly satisfy needs for cognition, seek to develop professional qualification and obtain new competencies required for working activity, further learning and personal development.


  • Possibility to study separate study subjects and form one‘s own study programme;
  • Only persons who have concluded agreements of the student or associated student with Mykolas Romeris University are entitled to register;
  • Outcomes are assessed and certified by a study certificate;
  • May be organized through the distance or partial distance leaning mode using electronic learning environment (university learning environment based on information and communication technologies and Internet).
  • In order to encourage internationality of studies students may be sent for partial studies to higher education institutions of other countries under international, interagency, interuniversity and other cooperation agreements and student exchange programmes.


2.2.1. Requalification

We offer to select requalification study programmes:

  • 40-60 credit continuation studies of the Social Work Programme. Graduates will be awarded a qualification of social worker (these studies award no degree). Persons holding education of university social sciences (40 credits) or education of non-social sciences (60 credits) are admitted to studies. Length of studies: 1 year.
  • 60 credit studies of Programme "Pedagocical". Graduates will be awarded a qualification of pedagogue (these studies award no degree). Length of studies: 1 year. There are additional conditions for candidates.

2.2.2. Improvement of the qualification (courses, seminars etc)

  • Training sessions are facilitated by University teachers holding high qualification and experience of practical work.
  • We issue to the participants of the training certificates of the established form on the taken qualification improvement course and/or number of credits.
  • Target groups of the training:
- Heads and/or employees of private and state organizations;
- Civil servants (Mykolas Romeris University is included in the list of establishments of the improvement of the qualification of civil servants drawn by the Civil Service Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania);

- Groups of individual people;

- All wishing to elaborate their knowledge, obtain or improve the qualification.
  • We are flexible and consider your needs regarding:
- Curriculum of the training. We organize training under ready general and specialized teaching programmes or we design teaching programmes based on your (legal persons or groups of persons) wishes and work specificity;
- Length. We organize training of different length;

- Premises. We organize training in the premises of Mykolas Romeris University or in other premises;

- Other different aspects related with the training that is organized to meet YOUR NEEDS.

2.2.3. Granting of additional competencies

  • Programme for granting additional competencies is the programme which consists of only major subjects of a certain field or subjects requested and selected by you from a certain study field.
  • We offer to obtain additional competencies of the following fields of science: Economics; Philology; Philosophy; Informatics; Pedagogic; Psychology; Social Work; Education and Development; Law; Business; Public Administration.
  • Graduates of the programme awarding additional competencies are issued certificates of the established form certifying taken study subjects, study credits and/or assessments.

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