Master‘s Thesis uploading


  • The graduation requirements for Mykolas Romeris University students include the submission of their Master‘s Thesis to the Lithuanian Academic e-Library (eLABa).
  • Master‘s Theses which were assessed "very good" or "excellent" must be uploaded to the eLABa Repository. 
  • Master‘s Thesis License Agreement should be signed in the MRU Information System for Students: https://stdb.mruni.eu/menu_stud_en.php 
  • Instructions for signing a Master's thesis License Agreement.

    Master‘s Thesis Access Restriction 
    You may choose from three types of access:
    1. Freely accessible on the Internet;
    2. Accessible only on the institutional Intranet*;
    3. Inaccessible, users will access only the metadata of a document: title, abstract and keywords*.

    * In case you choose access type 2 or 3 you have to set a document access restriction expiration date. The maximum period for a document access restriction - 3 years. After the date indicated in the License Agreement, a document will be freely accessible on the internet.
  • Doctoral dissertations must be uploaded to the eLABa Repository within 10 days before the defense.   

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