How to Use Ordering Service


First, conduct a search in the Library‘s e-Catalog.
In the field, “Location”, press the library branch from which you want to order the book.

In the opened Window you will see the number of book copies and whether the book is available or checked-out and when the publication should be returned to the Library.

If you want to reserve a book, select the menu, “Request”. One library user can order only one book title once.
When a needed book is checked out, the catalog lists the date when the book must be returned. The book can be ordered-reserved. These orders are automatically entered onto a waiting list.

Only checked-out books from the Library‘s Lending Department can be requested.
Always be sure to check with the lending department if the needed book is in the Library. Then you can check it out immediately.

When reserving a book, the system will ask you to register.
If you are Erasmus student, your User ID consists of 10 plus your student card number: 10110301. The Password is the last 4 digits of the student card number.

When you register, the Window "Hold Request“ will open.
Having filled in all the needed fields, choose the function, “Order”.

If you want to check if you have truly reserved a book and to see if the order has been executed - register in the system. In the Menu, choose the icon "Login" and enter your username and password. After that, press on the icon "My Account". The Link, “Hold Requests,” can be expanded so you can see a timeline indicating the order of execution.

Order Status Possibilities:

1) In process – processing of the order has begun. It‘s not yet possible to pick up the book.

 2) Waiting in position 1 in queue – order is not yet implemented, but you are first in line (you could be 5th, or 14th in line). It‘s not yet possible to pick up the book.

3) On hold until: 20120625 – the order has been implemented and you can come to the Library‘s Lending Dept. to pick up the book. If you don‘t pick up the book on time (let‘s say by 20120625) the order will be deleted. The book is available for 3 days in the Library‘s Lending Dept.

Library users are mailed information about their book order, or its deletion, to the student‘s MRU student e-mail address.

Having completed your work, be sure to disconnect from the system, so that another user couldn‘t use your personal data. In the Menu line press on the Icon “Open a new session“ and the function “Go”.

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