How to Find a Book in the Catalog


Go to the Library‘s catalog

For example, if you want to find a book by Robert S. Feldman called, “Understanding Psychology” that was published in 2009, the search can be conducted by entering: a keyword, the book‘s title, author, theme, subject, etc.

In the field, “Type word or phrase” enter the author‘s last name – “Feldman”.
In the search field, select “Author”.
Press the function, “Search”.

You get a list of publications.

In the field, “Locations, items” you can see which library branch has copies of the book. Select the needed branch to check the number of copies available. For example, by pressing “Central Building Library”, you‘ll see the number of copies.

Pressing the listed number of the publication list, which lists the needed book, (in this case the number is 2), you will get detailed information about the publication.

The call number is the mark of publication indicating its location on the shelf:
V868 159.9 Fe-173

Part of the call number V868 indicates that this book is a textbook.

Monographs and other publications in the Reading room, as well as monographs in the open fund, are divided by fields of sciences. Their call number is without V ...- the part of the call number, which is granted to textbooks only.

The publication, “Understanding Psychology,“ in the Reading room can be found under part of the call number 159.9 Fe-173, indicated in the catalogue.

The field „Loan terms” indicates the term of issuing the book (for ex.-2 months).
If in the field „Loan terms” it is written, „Not for loan“- the book is available only in the library.

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