• Users are requested to leave coats and bags in the cloakroom. There are lockers for your belongings. 
  • Discussions in the Readings Rooms are strictly prohibited. Mobile devices may be used only in silent mode. 
  • Smoking, eating and drinking (except sealed bottles or cups) are not allowed in the Library. 
  • Library materials must not be marked, defaced or annotated in any way. 
  • Books from the Reading Rooms are not taken home. Use them only in the area of the Library. 
  • Users should not return books to the shelves. Please leave them on the trolley next to the shelves. 
  • Users can take books home from the Lending Department. 
  • Bachelor students can have 20 books at one time, master students – 30. 
  • To take books home you need a document (Student‘s ID Card, Reader‘s ID Card, University staff – Employee Card)
  • Fines on overdue books are calculated on the next day, when the returning term of the book has expired:
    - if the book is checked out until the end of the semester, the fine is 0,05 EUR for each working day that the book is overdue.
    - if the book is checked out shorter than the semester, the fine is 0,10 EUR for each working day that the book is overdue.


1. Mykolas Romeris University Library (hereinafter – Library) Rules during the Night Hours (hereinafter – Rules) regulates using the Library at night.
2. Working hours of the Library are indicated in the Acts of the Rector and announced on Library website.
3. At the Night Hours, from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. Sunday – Thursday, users are able to use the Library (Ateities St. 20) Grand and Longish Reading Rooms and Lending Department. 
4. Library is open at the Night Hours from 10 September till 24 June every year. 
5. Library work during the Night Hours is supervised by the Library watcher and the University watcher.
6. Mykolas Romeris University (hereinafter – MRU) community members has the right to use the Library at the Night Hours, as well as the others users, who have paid the fee stated in the University’s internal acts. MRU community member who is willing to use the Library at the Night Hours must provide  a document (student ID, MRU employee card, reader ticket or other faculty issued document) which proves his/her right to use the night services without paying a fee to the Library watcher. The other users must provide personal ID and Library user card, which can be issued after paying a fee for this service and providing a receipt to librarian on Monday- Saturday from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. 
7. The Library can be used for research and studies purposes only at the Night Hours.
8. No consultations are provided during the Night Hours.
9. Library work at the Night Hours can be cancelled due to some unexpected conditions (technical issues and etc.). The night working hours do not applies on the eves of public holidays and on public holidays. The information about the changes of Library working hours is provided in the Library website.

10. Before using the Library during the Night Hours, users have to get acquainted with the Library rules.
11. Users must leave the Library 15 minutes before the start of the Night Hours (8 p.m.).
12. Users are allowed to enter the University building till 12 p.m. They are let in by the University watcher.
13. When entering the University for working at the Night Hours, one should ring a door bell and show the document described in subsection 6 of the Rules (hereinafter – valid document).
14. Users are allowed to enter the First and Ground floor of the University Central Building only at the Library Night Hours.
15. Users have to leave their jackets, coats and bags in the special lockers before entering the Library.
16. When coming to the Library at the Night Hours users have to register, when leaving – check out and show valid document to the Library watcher.
17. Users are allowed to use: publications that are in the Library, computers and other equipment located in the Library, subscribed databases and other electronic resources.
18. The user should maintain and protect the publications and equipment of the Library, do not turn on more lights than necessary for working at the Library.
19. The user must: 
19.1. Use Library publications only in the Reading rooms, do not change the order of the books on the shelves, return books to the place dedicated for this; 
19.2.  To keep silence at the Library and do not disturb the others; 
19.3.  Not watch films, play games or do other things not connected to studies or research activities; 
19.4.  Not bring food and beverages, smoking is also prohibited at the Library; 
19.5. Not allow strangers to come in; 
19.6. Keep the rules of behavior in public places, be respectful to other users and the watcher; 
19.7. Turn of the computer after finishing work. 
20. If the book security alarm turns on when leaving the Library, the user have to show his personal items to the Library watcher. The user has no right to take the books outside the Library if the books have not been checked out in the Library information system. 
21.The user is responsible for keeping these Rules and other internal acts of the University. 
22. If the user damages the property of the Library or violates the Rules of the Library in other ways, he has to write an explanation. Deans of the faculties and directors of other structural divisions are informed about the inappropriate behavior. 
23. Director of the Library temporally suspends the right to use the Library according to the extent of the violation and (or) gives a suggestion to the Rector about applying disciplinary penalty. 
24. Librarian makes sure that all the users have left the Library, all the equipment is on site and leaves the supervision of the Library and equipment to the Library watcher.
25. Library watcher sits by the entrance to the Library: keeps the order in the Library, controls that the users do not take books home without checking them out, makes sure the Library property is safe.
26. Library watcher asks all the users who comes at the Night Hours to present valid document, registers users.
27. The watcher observes the view of video cameras, enters the Reading Rooms periodically: keeps an eye on the users not to do things not connected with studying (watch films, play games, etc.),  makes sure they keep the rules of behavior in public places and not disturb the other users.
28. The watcher gives a warning to users who do not behave with the property of the Library properly or even asks them to leave the Library if necessary.
29. If some kind of material damage to University property is noticed or an incident with the user occurs, Library watcher immediately informs the University watcher about this.
30. If the necessity to leave the post occurs, the Library watcher informs University watcher about this.
31. When the Night working hours end, the watcher asks all the users to leave the Library, makes sure that all the equipment is in its place, turns the lights off and locks the Library.
32. While on duty, the Library watcher shall comply to the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, University’s internal acts, the Rules of using the Library and these Rules, and avoid all kinds of protectionism and corruption.

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